Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hope Restored

Hope Restored; to the world its a Story book by Kenyan writer Violet Barungi. To the village of my birth its a new beginning for my people. A new beginning in 2016 where hope has been restored, a hope in economical sustainable coffee production and community development. A hope that one day our story will be known to the world. It might take another generation for the coffee producers in my village to fully thrive, but our hope has been restored.

An estimated 70% of Kenya's coffee farmers are micro and small-scale producers.

Many of these farmers to date are still not able to take care of very basic needs or even cover the cost of school requirements for their children.

Our work is to offer technical advice to the coffee farmers so they can improve their production methods to quarantee more yield and better quality. We later on through our partnerships purchase and ship the coffee to Germany via Direct Trade.

Farmer's field day- Ndurutu Wet mill  Jan 2016

Beginning of January we teamed up with our partners Heinz and Nicole plus a group of other Roasters from Germany and visited the village of my birth.It was a new beginning for both the farmers and our partners whom we have been working together for the last 2 years. Both teams could finally meet the people who produce our coffee to continue forging longterm relationships.

Nicole having a discussion with one of our farmers- Wilson Mwangi

the Team being taken through Export & warehousing by Maina of KCCE

Manuel cupping the best coffees for this season

My Name is..... ;)

my father with Holger of German Coffee Associatio

Farmers & Roasters Meeting- Ndurutu wet mill

During the trip we supported Ndurutu Wet Mill with a new Drying bed made of steel. This will ensure that the quality of coffee is maintaned during drying period. The mill has old drying beds made of timber, which have detererioted due to weather conditions and infested with ants. Our work towards community rural development is to support our coffee producers with the necessary tools and resources to improve their lives.

welding of the new drying bed

preparing the grounds for the new drying bed

Zackie of KEDOVO mixing the cement and sand to fix the Drying bed in the ground

work in progress

HP of Sandtorkai Papenhagen & Davie of KEDOVO handing over the drying bed to chairman Ndurutu Wet mill
My Story is the Story of thousands of coffee Producers all over the world and their families
Coffee is the only source of income in my village. To us coffee is not just a drink that lands on our breakfast table, ist simply our lives. It provides the economic backbone for thousands of rural communities. These communities are the most vulnerable to coffee crisis due to their location in the coffee supply chain. My village is punctuated by stories of disaster, recovery but above all humour, struggle and renewed hope.I believe that one day our Story will be the Story of how we overcame the struggles and poverty associated with coffee production. I have hope, a hope of a better tomorrow...

with my daughter on way to meet coffee farmers in Nyeri

During our farmers field day,  we emphasized greatly that producing quality coffee and the development of the community was the responsibilty of each and every one of them. We explained to them that what we are creating are conditions that can give them sustainable living, conditions to become entrepreneurs. We might be living an Ocean away but we are them- our relationship makes us stronger.

Enjoying a Cup of Ndurutu coffee roasted by Speicherstadt Kaffeerösterie from Hamburg

The day would have been incomplete without Barista Zackie @ work ;)

Joseph, the Manager at Ndurutu wet mill stressing a Point home

one of the farmers looking keenly at Ndurutu coffee from Speicherstadt Kaffeerösterie

Zackie of KEDOVO taking the farmers through our model & the idea of Revenue sharing
The visit by our Partners would not have been complete without paying a visit to Ndurutu Primary School. For those who follow our journey, they know that my heart bleeds for the children of our coffee Producers. In them i see my Young self and my siblings as my father struggled to put us through School with proceeds derived from coffee production. He struggled, and many are the days we lived on one meal a day as the proceeds werent enough to be divided among his 5 children. My mother hawked vegetables in the village on better days.
In those children's eyes i see the unshed tears of a lost hope. And to them i whisper a Hope Restored....

the future of my village lies in their sustainability.....lets give them chances

During the visit we kick started our great project for the year Renovation of Ndurutu Primary school.

The school has currently 150 pupils with classes of ECD to Class 8. Due to its infrastructure challenges, many of the farmers from the village take their children to Kirichu primary school which is 3km away.

By renovating the classrooms, we will ensure that the children of our coffee producers have access to better learning conditions. Conditions that will motivate them to improve their performances and a plus towards the journey of sustainability.Through this we are giving my community chances to rebuild their lives and restore their diginity.
This trip was not a Chance for the Roasters to make nice photos of coffee cherries on trees and the poor farmers Standing next to them, it was a trip for everyone involved in our journey to establish and harness the relationships that we have established with our Producers, it was a trip to restore hope in the village where i was Born...

Arriving at my old Primary School.... Memories

Nicole of Sandtorkai & avie of KEDOVO e.V handing over new books and other stuff to Ndurutu rimary

Ulrike of CATUCHO watching her sorroundings in Ndurutu Primary

Zackie of KEDOVO showing our Partners the clases targeted in first Phase of Renovations

HP of Sandtorkai breathing in fresh mountain air outside the KEDOVO-PAPENHAGEN Library in Ndurutu

the gang ;)

class 1 Ndurutu Primary- the Phase to be renovated first

und los geht's....kick starting the renovations of the school

ECD Class in dire Need of renovation

This article would be incomplete without the mention of our sincere gratitude to Loppokaffeeexpress.

Special thanks to Kira, Axel and the whole team of Loppokaffeeexpress of Kiel in Germany, and their dedication to continue supporting Ndurutu Primary. Through their partnership with KEDOVO e.V they supported the school with reading books as well as 15 full pairs of uniforms for 15 needy children of the coffee producers. Each uniform costs an average of 20€ which is an amount that some of the coffee farmers are unable to raise.

The Kenyan education system requires that each school going children compulsory put on an uniform.

some of the books supported by Loppokaffeeexpress

uniforms for 15 children supported by Loppokafeeexpress

the gang getting ready for work in community development @Ndurutu village

Davie & Zackie doing what they do best...restoring hope.

some of the Kids with their new uniforms

In Nov 2014, Kira visited our project in Kenya and she met several farmers and their families.

On behalf of my community our sincere gratitude for the continued support.

We mainly focus on improving the schools and the lives of the children of our coffee producers so that we can give them chances to better education, chances which on normal circumstances thousands of these children might not have, chances for a better tomorrow, chances which are key in access to employment or entrepreneurship that will help in breaking the cycle of poverty. Chances to dream, chances of a Hope Restored.

And we soldier on.....

To continue supporting these communities we have on offer Green coffee (Rohkaffee) from Ndurutu Wet Mill late crop 2014-2015 F.O.T Bremen, transport within Germany & the EU arrangable at a cost. Please contact Soni Schneidewind or Nicole Boedgter for information on samples, prices and contract.

For roasted Chania coffee kindly purchase from our Online Shop or visit our offices in Kaltenkirchen. Visit the shop & Cafe 'Ein Welt Laden' located at the VHS in Kaltenkirchen , am Kretemoor 40, or pass by at our stand at the Kaltenkirchener Wochenmark every Saturday from 07:00 hrs to 12 noon.

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