Saturday, December 31, 2016

Strengthening Coffee Farming Communities

It’s the last day of 2016. I sit outside my mother’s house and look at the fog covered Mt Kenya. It has been quite a journey...

View of Mt Kenya from Ndurutu Village
36 months, 992 Farmers, 93 Tonnes of Green beans shipped to Germany and an amazing load of coffee friends and family. This is the story of Kedovo Coffee Project. This is the story of a continuous journey of the coffee producing community of the Abedare Mountains selling their coffee directly to Germany.
Coffee drying at Thageini Wet Mill
The last three years  have been amazing though not easy. We have met and made great coffee friends, long term partnerships with the goal of strengthening these farming villages have been made, and we are heading towards progressive and sustainable farming practices. The grey hairs on my head tell it all......

What coffee producers have needed is a reliable market that offers a good, steady price for coffee beans.The Kedovo Coffee Project has done more than just to improve trade relationships and access to International market. We have continued to ensure that part of our revenue is returned to these coffee farming communities to support social development projects.  A total of 8,785 farming families have directly benefited from these services.

Farmers from Kedovo Coffee Project

A Kedovo Coffee farmer enjoying a cup of Kenia Ndurutu roasted by One Take Coffee from Hamburg

The main harvest is coming to an end, we have had delays and problems this season. The rains didn’t come on time. Coffee from most of the farms was affected by Leaf rust. My father lost most of his harvest, he is a sad man.This year’s problems feel even larger than the last. But I have hope and comfort……

Picking of the last cherries from the fields

My mother hand selecting ripe cherries
We have been meeting our farmers the last weeks, visiting their farms, having discussions, drawing plans for the project together, receiving first hand experience to help us  understand the health of the cooperatives and the challenges faced by the people responsible for our delicious coffees, and finding solutions together as a community. Its from these meetings that we can hear about the challenges and the successes from the harvest. Its also from these meetings that we can give feedback to our farmers about the previous harvest.These are my people...

Zackie holding discussions with a group of coffee farmers

Farmer's field day, learning all about cupping and what a roaster looks for in a coffee
I have hope and comfort that a time will eventually come when we can start celebrating improved quality, meet market demand and the farmers be in a position and have the ability to understand coffee markets.
The work of KEDOVO Coffee Project is to avail coffee from these communities directly in Europe and connect foreign roasters with these farmers in order to forge long term partnerships for both parties. We continue promoting and ensuring Transparency in the way Kenyan coffee is traded. Farmers need to know what happens to their coffee once its sold to importers and roasters.

Kedovo Coffee Trip dec 2016

Yes we can do this!!!
Our work in supporting the Social development of these communities has not waivered. This has only been made possible by you all who continue purchasing our coffee.
The Project on Installation of Solar Power Systems for families of Ndurutu Wet Mill has been progressing as planned and we have managed to Install Solar systems for 12 families so far. The target for this project is to cover 50 farmers.
supporting a Kedovo Coffee Farmer with a solar system

We know and believe that the livelihoods of these communities will only be changed if coffee farming is economically sustainable. We continue supporting sustainable coffee farming practices that respects the crop, the soil and the farmers. We supported Ndurutu Wet Mill with Inputs such as Protective farming gear and Fertilizers. This is the only way we can continue planting seeds for a better future.
Zackie & Joseph ensuring nothing is left to chance

Caro our coffee soldier, thanking on of the farmer's for his dedication in coffee farming

Nicole handing over protective clothing to the Chairman of Ndurutu Wet Mill
support of inputs- fertilizers to improve soil nutrients

Karl Heinz helping a farmer load a bag of Fertilizer at Ndurutu wet mill
I grew up in a world of struggle, survival but amidst all hope. My father believed that education was the only way we would overcome our poverty situation. We had the best education he could afford through proceeds from coffee production. My community has no other source of income. We rely on coffee. Our Kedovo project on Education for Sustainable development for the children of our coffee producers is rooted deep in our hearts. We have been there...we know the worries of not knowing if tomorrow you will be in the classroom, we know the frustrations of learning in a dusty, leaking classroom. We know the embarassment of going to school in torn uniform...
The renovation of Ndurutu Primary school phase two started in December 2016 to finish up the remaining classrooms.

beginning of second phase of renovations

renovations underway

renovated part -phase two

Non renovated class- Phase two

renovated classes-phase two
In December we began our new project which is the construction of an Admnistration Block for Ndurutu Primary School. This would not have been possible without the support of our development partners BINGO Projektförderung Schleswig Holstein and you all our coffee gang. And on behalf of my people, our sincere thanks...
Zackie of Kedovo showing off the plans for the new adminstration block to chairman of PTA and the Local government authorities

communities for each other

construction of modern Adminstration Block for Ndurutu Primary underway
To continue supporting these communities we have on offer Green coffee (Rohkaffee) from Ndurutu Wet Mill & Thageini Wet Mill F.O.T Bremen or Hamburg, transport within Germany & the EU arrangable at a cost. Please contact Soni Schneidewind or NicoleBoedtger for information on samples, prices and contract.

For roasted Chania coffee kindly purchase from our Online Shop or visit our offices in Kaltenkirchen. Visit the shop & Cafe 'Ein Welt Laden' located at the VHS in Kaltenkirchen , am Kretemoor 40, or pass by at our stand at the Kaltenkirchener Wochenmark every Saturday from 07:00 hrs to 12 noon.

The journey continues.....


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