Friday, July 5, 2013

Chania Coffee at Kirchenburgfest Lienzing

From the beginning of this journey, i vowed to do things differently. I am aware there will be hurdles, toes to step on but i believe in the beauty of simplicity. We will not go head on collision with the big players, we will curve our own little nich and build ourselves up from there....i have my 'gang'

This weekend we will hit the streets of Muhlacker in Baden Wuttenberg, Germany. We will present our coffees and ideas at the festival in Lienzing. Our approach is based on building Partnerships with Roasters and the communities in Germany; from this trust an partnerships, my people at home will be assured of a ready market for their produce through Fair that not Sustainability?

You see the children of these communities will be able to attend school, and who knows? one of them might even continue the work i have started when i get those grey hair :D and am walking with a walking stick...yes thats how long i will live!