Thursday, October 24, 2013


This is our key word at Chania Coffee.

Its a word that both my worlds can understand. We simply dont just sell coffee; we  form Partnerships with our Producers, the Roasters, the Municipalities, the it. We want all to have a 'sence of belonging' in Chania Coffee, because we are family!

Through Engagement Global...we was honoured today to attend the  '2nd Conference for Municipal Partnerships with Africa' Conference in Hamburg.
We met amazing people there. New contacts and networks were established...we keep on learning.
It  was a great experience...and guess which Municipality is the Partner for Hamburg? My neighbours from Daresaalam Tanzania!! it was great to speak 'pure' swahili for a long time. It reminded me of my youthful days in Arusha when i worked for a milk took me back in time climbing Mt.Kilimanjaro and stopping at Tretoria for a warm bowl of banana soup...the meeting took me back home to my people; back to jirani, ndugu, because those are the words my good neighbours from Tanzania, were using. But most of all seeing the Tanzanian delegation there, so happy in their own way, made me realise that my dream of sustainable livelihoods for my community would come...i might not be able to change their lives but my little contribution is the change we all wish for.

The Tanzanias through their partnership with the municipal of Hamburg got their own 'place/ space' named after their city.....'Dar-es-Salaam Platz.

It was amazing, my Tanzanian neighbours have come a long way in development work......go go TZ!!

i got to meet the  Lord Mayor of Daresaalam, Tanzania Dr.Didas Massaburi and his entrouge.We exchanged notes regarding The Millennium Developmental Goals/ Sustainable Development Goals (MDG/SDG) and their implementation at the local level. You see for these partnerships to work its important that the local people be involved from the onset of the program, their interpretation and decision making is very important...its crucial that the local people find a solution / a way for tackling their predicament...without being told what to do...Dr Massaburi is one kind of a guy that can talk forever..i might go to Tanzania one of these days if my Credit card allows ;)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Amazing people

Today marked a new beginning in our coffee Adventure...along the way we have met amazing people; Quijote Kaffee is one of those great partners in this journey, and he will be roasting all our coffees to guarantee the lush tropical fruits aromas that is distinctive of Kenyan Coffees!!
 Pingo of Quijote Kaffee making sure that Chania Coffee achieves the best results in a cup.
We are blessed to have met amazing people along our work. People who are dedicated to support us to bring the change that is needed in the coffee supply chain. People with the same values of Transparency...

 And off to cupping! Remember Chania Coffee and Quijote Kaffee have one thing in common: Bringing real value to the coffee producers whilst preserving the Integrity and Cultivation of coffee and the relationship with the roasters- we build relationships.