Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Packaging

                                               Our new packaging is ready!

When we started we planned to roast each and every single order, the same day! Times have changed, our concept is working...and since we really on volunteer hours to build this thing up we have decided to change the packaging. We will still roast our coffees fresh, but once a week. This leaves us some extra time to cover other events, do our research and still learn. There is so much to learn and to research on...i believe i can do it, and if i cant let me fail in the attempt...
I am the coffee farmer, trader, roaster, quality control, researcher name it, we dont want to leave any stones unturned..i want to make sure that my community doesnt perish for lack of information. I want to make sure we are in par with the current certifications, the new farming technologies, we promised to deliver quality coffee as thats the only way we can guarantee good prices...

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Forming Partnerships

Sustainability for my people will be achieved through formation of partnerships. This is our objective.
We embark today on various events in Germany that will see the formation of 'Municipal Partnerships between the German communities and our coffee producing communities. What this simply translates is that some specific communities in our project, will produce coffee for specific communities in Germany, who will consume this coffee. The partneship will be a Producer-Consumer relationship with great emphasize on producing the coffee under Fair Trade standards...Juhu! no more children as 'workforce' in my community; My many children are headed to school......some percentage of our revenue from this project we will donate to our partner www.kedovo.org - which is our Non-Profit Organisation ( foundation) that supports the sustainability programs in Kenya....

Please read all about the partnership under this link: