Friday, October 4, 2013

Amazing people

Today marked a new beginning in our coffee Adventure...along the way we have met amazing people; Quijote Kaffee is one of those great partners in this journey, and he will be roasting all our coffees to guarantee the lush tropical fruits aromas that is distinctive of Kenyan Coffees!!
 Pingo of Quijote Kaffee making sure that Chania Coffee achieves the best results in a cup.
We are blessed to have met amazing people along our work. People who are dedicated to support us to bring the change that is needed in the coffee supply chain. People with the same values of Transparency...

 And off to cupping! Remember Chania Coffee and Quijote Kaffee have one thing in common: Bringing real value to the coffee producers whilst preserving the Integrity and Cultivation of coffee and the relationship with the roasters- we build relationships.

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