Thursday, February 6, 2014

Oh yes!

One and a half hours on a chilly February morning we arrived at the Hansestadt Bremen....

I had part of the 'gang' with me. Well we still missed Taffy who was in the South of Germany and Jojo who is still zooming around in Africa. The last time i heard from him he was watching the sun go down at the Kalahari with a cold Windhoek!

It was a turning moment in all our lives; and more for the people of Barichu. They had prooved that through facilitation we could produce a quality coffee, that would fetch good prices and sell direct to the German market without the middlemen...was this not history in the making? They believed now...oh yes they believed..

breaking the seal
26 days after sailing from the port of Mombasa Kenya via Salalah, our container arrived intact. They didnt encount any 'Jack Sparrow'on the high seas !

It was a relief for me and Nicole.....

the coffee gals!
Everything was perfect. The paper lining was still intact and our precious Black Gold didnt have any damages at all!
Both of us had spent sleepless nights ....would everything be ok? and more to worry was the coffee had left a +30 degrees prone area to enter a -16 cold winter Germany...we was worried of the container wetness that would affect and destroy the coffee...The gods were on our sides..

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