Friday, July 4, 2014

Kaltenkirchen becomes a Fairtrade Town

The Fairtrade Towns campaign movement started in the UK in the year 2001.
A Fairtrade Town is any community in which people and organisations use their everyday choices to increase sales of Fairtrade products and bring about positive change for farmers and workers in developing countries.

The town of Kaltenkirchen started this campaign in the year 2012 and we joined the Intiative group in Oct 2013.
Becoming a Fairtrade Town is a shared achievement and an opportunity for local government, schools, businesses, community organisations and activists to work together.

Fairtrade Intiative group-Kaltenkirchen

To become a Fairtrade Town, a community needs to meet certain goals and criterias that are set and monitored at national levels. The town of Kaltenkirchen has met all the criteria required and tomorrow my new home officially becomes a Fairtrade Town.
Ofcourse in our situation we took the step of Fairtrade further by working directly with the coffee producers in Nyeri and importing their coffee directly, intiating & facilitating rural development projects and inturn making sure money is put back to these improvished coffee producing communities...

The community of Kaltenkirchen has its own 'community coffee' ; Kaki Kahawa which is produced by the community of Karindundu -Barichu Cooperative Nyeri Kenya.The coffee is available at the Ein Welt Laden of the VHS Kaltenkirchen, Chania Coffee Online shop as well as at our coffee stand every saturday at the Kaltenkirchener Wochenmarkt. The coffee is available both as whole beans and ground coffee.

And so we get ready.......tomorrow we showcase the work and efforts of Kedovo e.V towards sustainable development for the community of a remote village somewhere near the Aberdare mountains; the village of my birth. 

 And those who can make it tomorrow, the event beginns at 9:30- 14:00 we will be outside the Rathaus , visit the Fairen Markt and get to buy amazing stuff from all over the world, the Ein Welt Laden of the VHS will present various products ranging from handmade kiondos ( sisal baskets) from a women group in Machakos Kenya, to Cocoa produced in Munyenge in Cameroon, Tee produced by the great people of Kanchanjunga in Nepal...Kaki Kahawa (Coffee) produced by the community of Karindundu Nyeri Kenya etc....

From 14:00-15:00 will be the handing over of the Fairtrade Town Certificate to the Mayor of Kaltenkirchen by Transfair of Bonn and afterwards there will be an interaction and networking in ambiante atmosphere as you get to savour our Fairtrade Buffet that will take you from the kitchens of Kenya, through Ghana , India , before settling with the delicious Pao de Queijo from Brazil! 

See you there.....

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