Saturday, May 25, 2013

Career Fair Cologne Germany

We visited the Career Fair in Cologne organised by Wangui Muhuthia of Mkenya Ujerumani She is an amazing lady with a passion for sustainable development through Education. She is hell bent to have the Kenyan diaspora and especially in Germany taking a serious path and seize the many opportunities offered in Germany's education system.

You can read about us under this link

It was a great day with lively discussion and  a challenge to the Kenyan community in Germany to start being focused on the way forward.

Rachel Mwakazi of and (my beverage sister)!! took us through the challenges of starting a business in Germany especially for Non-EU citizens, what to do and which offices to approach.

At the fair we decided to form a business forum, where we will be exchanging ideas on how towork towards accomplishing trade promotion and investment between Kenya and Germany and vice versa.

It was a great and inspiring event and we look forward to the next meetings.

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