Monday, May 6, 2013

Self taught Roaster

Years later after my first encounter with roasting coffee, i actually embarked on a self taught coffee roasting experience.

After relocating to Germany, i always found the coffee found at the stores bitter and lacking that boldness thats so distinct of Kenyan coffees. Not that there wasn't any Single Origin Kenyan coffees being offered in the market; ofcourse there was (is) and mainly on Online shops, but the prices !!! (story of another day).
You see i suffer from one problem; i always convert the Euro € to Kenyan you can imagine my shock when a few weeks afte arriving in Germany i ordered Kenyan coffee grade AB from an online shop, the price was 23€ per kilo; if you are Kenyan and reading this, multiply that by 100 - then you will understand why i was going crazy! then i remembered my father was paid 0.25€ cents per kilo of coffee during the last harvesting season........i decided to learn how to roast coffee.

A few years later i would roast our first coffees...

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