Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kaltenkirchen bekommt einen eigenen Kaffee

In partnership with Kaltenkirchen Fair Trade Initiative Group and the Volkshochschule Kaltenkirchen, Chania Coffee will facilitate the 'testing' of the best coffee for the community. The event is scheduled for tomorrow 31st January 2014 at the VHS Kaltenkirchen from 16-21 hours. They will test and decide which roasting profile best suits the it Light? or they prefer Medium? and what about Dark roast?

We spent the day roasting and cupping various coffee profiles so that we are ready for tomorrow.
The project is a Partenrship ( our favourite word) between the VHS, KEDOVO e.V( our foundation that sends those kids in Nyeri to school ;) and our coffee growing community of Barichu Cooperative, Karatina Nyeri.
The community of town Kaltenkirchen will experience tomorrow our coffees which are hand-crafted all the way from production farming to roasting and brewing.
Tomorrow we will answer questions and explain 'myths' of coffee production and processing. Thats where our strength lies...we are coffee producers.
We will also introduce to the community the 'hobby' of home roasting which is fun and produces the best coffee you have ever tasted ( not to mention saving 2,19€ coffee tax-per kilo).

Lets met tomorrow at the VHS Kaltenkirchen, where we will let you explore the Chania Coffees..


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    1. Thanks Rachel! together we are stronger....let me know when you are dropping by ;)