Friday, January 31, 2014

Wie soll unser Kaki-Kahawa schmecken?

Yes Kaki Kahawa. That is the name of the Kaltenkirchen Project coffee.

Our sincere thanks to VHS Kaltenkirchen and the Fair Trade Intiative group of Kaltenkirchen.

We bring two great communities together. The community of Kaltenkirchen in Schleswig Holstein Germany and the amazing coffee producing community of Karindundu in Karatina Nyeri, Kenya.

They say A coffee is Forever, and with this partnership we Bring Coffee to Life!

What is Kaki-Kahawa? many asked...Kaki is the short form from the town name of Kaltenkirchen ( Kalt is German for Cold and Kirche means Church). My rebellious self  calls this place Cold churches- its a great place.
Kahawa is Swahili for coffee.
Not only do we bring comunities together, we let them discover the coffee difference.

All you need is a coffee and a dream.....


  1. I'm looking forward to have a taste of your delicious coffee. With a twist of Kahawa liquor... :)

    1. This was sort of anonymous, but it's Peter from the Netherlands. Cheers. :)

    2. Haha Peter!you are most welcome! you can purchase our coffees online and we ship across Europe and Japan. Now that you are in FRA maybe you should drop by ; i might make you some Irish Coffee!