Friday, December 13, 2013

We are going to pick coffee!!!

So this week we decided to pack our bags and head to Kenya. The next couple of weeks will be spent with the amazing farmers who produce our coffee.

I will take part of my crew with me. 

The main coffee harvesting season in Kenya is ongoing. Kenya coffee production has 2 seasons :
May-July is what we call fly or early crop.
Sept-Dec is the main / late crop.
This is the time that the 'work force' is required. Its taken me a lot of effort and trainings to my community that 'my' children have to be in school. I know we have school holiday but that doesnt give any justification for those childrn to be picking coffee in the fields, i rather have them playing football or spending the day at the river; for this project to work, we must all stay united against child labour.

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