Saturday, December 14, 2013

We are in Dubai!!

All that Gold!! my God, i will put a dent on my Credit Card :( :( I love Gold......well i just have to sell more coffee!!

This xmas tree at the Airport in Dubai was just too pretty....

You see in my county when i was growing up, we didnt have those 'plastic' China import christmas trees...we used to just go to the shamba and cut a twig of Cider tree- that is if we were lucky to celebrate xmas at all!
We would then decorate the christmas tree with baloons of all colours, and use cotton wool 'to represent snow' lol! we had no Santa to leave gifts for us underneath the xmas-tree...we just hoped my mother would have saved some money for her to make Chapatis and meat stew for christmas.

6 more hours and i will be home Moma....

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