Monday, March 31, 2014

Education for Sustainable Development

Last week saw our Kedovo team in Kenya and our amazing group of Kedovo Volunteers from Bayreuth University of Germany spend a day with the school children of Karindundu Primary School in Karatina Nyeri- Kenya.

School children Karindundu Primary

The team visited the school, to continue and facilitate our Rural development projects on Education for sustainable development for the children of our coffee producers.
This particular project at Karindundu has been made possible by two amazing people i met along my journey in the coffee world.....Nicole Boedtger and Heinz Papenhagen of Sandtorkai Papenhagen Handel of Germany. They believed in us and my people and we will always be grateful. 
Our partnership with Sandtorkai will ensure the children of the coffee farmers from Karindundu wet mill ; Barichu Cooperative- will have access to books, and other learning materials as well as attend classes- We all know its a long journey; - my mother taught me that the only hardest thing in the world is that what has not been started.
This step is one of the many that we will take- but there is hope.

Danke Schön Fam.Papenhagen

This particular project on Education has a deep place in my heart. Growing up my father struggled to put me through school with both my was not easy.

Three decades later our coffee producers still struggle to put their children to school!
Our work is to ensure that these children remain in school and have access to education as well as good learning environment.

''Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world''
-Nelson Mandela-

This is our inspiration and motivation! and we believe through this project we will change the lives of our coffee producing communities- may the force be with us......

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