Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dispatch from Wilstedt

So today i headed to Wilstedt in the wee hours of the morning after 2 strong cups of Chania Coffee

Wilstedt is a municipality in the district of Rotenburg, in Lower Saxony, Germany.

I was to spend the day with two of the people who whole heartedly support our work ; Nicole Boedtger of Sandtorkai Handel Papenhagen and Cornelia (Connie) Dotschat of De Koffiemann Roastery.

These two amazing women understand that i do not just sell coffee but that my mission and vision is to make sure that my coffee producing community take control of their lives through a sustainable model that fuels the money back to these communities and stimulate growth out of poverty.

Both of them understand that we do not need to conduct various ''researches'' or whatever in the coffee sector- we simply want to do an alternative form of trade that has the power to revolutionize the economy and income of these communities as well as illustrate that  our partnership can work together to provide a tangible difference in many farmers lives... 

''Women Power''

We spent the day at '' Die Olivenöl-Abholage 2014 Messe'' doing what we know best- Selling cofffee.

There is no better day or gift than spending it with somoene who understands my community's efforts behind every bean of coffee that we import.

And we sold...knowing that every packet we sold, every cent we made was/ is a tangible ''investment'' in a far off remote village nestled on the slopes of Mt Kenya and The Aberdares...the village of my people, the village where i was born.

I continue with my journey, a journey that will secure the future of my village for generations to come.

For all our Kenyan coffee lovers, you can buy this great coffee roasted by Connie either by dropping at her Roastery in Lilienthal or by ordering online at her E-shop De Koffieman- hashtag Kenya.

Tomorrow, we get ready to close the deal on the shipping our second container this year...there is more than hope.

Signed Soni.


  1. keep it up sister and may God give you more strength to push on with more projects.

  2. This is just awesome siz. Way to go dear.

    1. Thanks Mary sweetie...we are paving way for the future of my community. Thanks a lot you guys down there for your support as well. Without you lot, this would have been too much harder. Really appreciated...