Thursday, May 8, 2014

Henstedt Ulzburg Project Coffee is now in Real

Having spent the whole day with the pupils from Hartenhoolm Primary School ( thats another blog altogether) i headed to the Real Supermarket in Henstedt -Uzburg where one of our project coffees had just been listed. I needed to remind the community of this small town in the north of Germany that our coffees were / are not just coffees...our coffees have a story to tell and we can trace our coffees back to the small village farms back in the country of my birth, where it was us coffee is the future of my people. We know the names of our coffee producers, we know how many children each of them have, we get to know when their homes ''smell onions'' (insert a big loud laugh) as my brother Zackie calls see, all of them are my family.I played with their kids on the gullies near the Chania River....we qued together at night at the coffee milling stations to deliver our produce..our parents still toil the land together....

The Henstedt-Ulzburg coffee is one of the Project Coffees that we have available in the German market.We create partnerships between our coffee producing communities in Nyeri Kenya and the coffee consuming communities in Germany.We believe in TRADE and not AID for the development of Africa....thats is the only way my people can learn, thrive and grow towards self-reliance.
When we opened our doors a year ago, we believed in Partnerships and Transparency...Our story is real, share our story..

And of course my Partner, whom me and my people will always be grateful to, the one person whom and his daughter are now part of our Kedovo ; Chania family was there to share the moment and spend the afternoon with me, Mr Heinz Papenhagen of Sandtorkai HandelPapenhagen.I still remember the day we met....its the day the wheels of change turned for the coffee growing communities of the Mt Kenya and Aberdare mountains.....i will give you the story about that day one day..( it was one of those ''bad hair days'' and bad weather days in the town of cold churches ;)

with Partner Heinz Papenhagen
 This ''super lecker kaffee '' as my German friend Stefan calls it, is roasted by our Connie of the De Koffieman Roastery in Lilienthal.Its available as Ground coffee and Crema whole beans. The coffee is available on sale at the Henstedt Ulzburg Real Supermarket, Edeka Markt in HU, The Shell Petrol station in Henstedt-Rhein and at the Rahmer Bookshop on the main steet in Henstedt-Ulzburg.

With these steps, we know now and my community now believes everything is possible....

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